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`Clan Recruiting Officer & LEGENDs Squad~
`Clan Recruiting Officer & LEGENDs Squad~

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Rules For Admin > > >  Empty
PostSubject: Rules For Admin > > >    Rules For Admin > > >  I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 24, 2010 12:13 pm

~: Admin Rules :~

All Admins------>

Do Not Ever Grant Any One Admin Until The Leader Or Squad Leader Gives It To Its members Only And That Also Depends Upon The Limit Of Admins In A Squad. That Also Depending Upon High Trust. For Non-Admins, If Someone Is Cheating Frap Him Or call An Anti-Cheat Staff Guy For It. But Make Sure That You Are About 100% Sure That He / She Is Hacking Or Cheating. Ban Only For Cheating / Hacking . Use Muting And Kick For Command For Other Purposes Like Whining , Abusing Etc.. But Better Warn Even Before Kick / Mute . But Keep Banning Strictly For Hacking . Exceptions Are Valid .

---> Rules For Using

Do not kick any one without reason or BAN without a good reason. If u see someone hacking . Frap him and BAN if ur so sure. But Better call an Anti-Cheat Staff guy for it. And if He is a a guy from some other re-knowned clan then before banning frapping is must for his clan to see. Use Mute/ Kick commands if it is swere . But Warn 1st . There can be some problems that others have with some individual `EA~ member . It is for that member to deal with it so don't take any action until that member reports a problem .

Some Other Things --- >

The Clan Leaders and Squad Leaders/Co-Leaders must read this. I have observed this many times that people are disrespecting clan or individual members. Disrespecting a leader is not bearable in any condition. And a strict punishment is for it. I have seen many clan and non-clan people do it and i have been handling such things very strictly. So to all Admins if such a thing happens so,

1st time : Warn that guy disrespecting clan or a leader.
2nd time : Kick that guy / Mute that guy.
3rd Time : BAN.

ALL should be done as described above. This thing is unbearable . And Rcon access is limited to only Clan Leaders . Not even squad leaders can have it . But exceptions are valid with firm bassis.

Admin powers will be taken if actions against them are taken which they do not deserve.

Note :

Whatever the case is, you are not allowed to use Admin Powers against any `EA~ member. Exceptions are valid with a based reason and according to what your authority is in the Clan . If you have a problem with a member, make a post in the Clan Problems Section and let the management deal. Also, your not allowed to use `EA~ server admin powers for your personal fights with someone.

* Little bit of Fun between Clan Members at Server is fine. So you should go easy with Clan Members without using Admin Powers against any `EA~ Member whatever the case is..*

Also make your way to Clan Only Sections and check out the Admin Announcements.

Rules For Admin > > >  B45b5ae20e621390a1e4916ae625237a
Rules For Admin > > >  Ba4564323079b94a9a9d2fcae6e8c8e0
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Rules For Admin > > >
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