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 Joining Procedure

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`Clan Recruiting Officer & LEGENDs Squad~
`Clan Recruiting Officer & LEGENDs Squad~

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PostSubject: Joining Procedure   Fri Dec 24, 2010 10:02 pm

Please read below to get acquainted with the `EA~ Joining process!

Please read the following,if you wish to apply for a membership in our clan.
`EA~clan was formed by the players,and for the players like yourself.Our members come from all over the world and have varying levels of experience.We have members who are very active daily and others who frequent our forums and servers on the weekly basis.However,what our members share in common are the values of Loyality,Respect,Dedication and Decency amongst each other and to the whole gaming community.
When reviewing an application for `EA~clan membership.We do not look for significant gaming experience.What we ask of you as a joinee,is to understand the core values of our clan and to have the ability to follow common sense rules set below:
1.DO NOT CHEAT--this includes hacks,game hash command and mods.
***Although,`EA~ is strictly a first-only clan,our members are allowed to use third person in servers that allowed to do so.
2.DO NOT multiclan--this is just as important as the point #1 above.This illustrates that you understand the core value of our clan.
3.DO try to be as you can-illustrate your cooparate is becoming a part of our family!
4.DO enjoy experience on our servers and forums-and make sure you allow others to do the same.
If you can respect our clan values and are willing to abide by the rules,then you can proceed in the joining-process and do the following:
A.MAKE a joining post-stating your preferred in-game name and some information about yourself,which may include:age,demographics,your previous gaming experience,some of the reasons for joining,etc.
B.MAKE in game tags-put `A~ followed by your chosen in-game name.Your tags may be "white" colour combination.

Step-1. * 1 week trial period.
* You are allowed to participate in the scrimes.
STEP-2. * After end of 1 week period clan-wide vote will take place.
* To pass this vote,8 votes is required.
STEP-3. *If our members decide that you are worthy of joining our clan,you will become a part of this clan.
STEP-4. *`EA~ tags-you can wear your tags proudly,as you are now a full-member of the clan.

Please become familiar with our Joining Process,and understand and requirments.


***** If any player invited by High Counsils in our servers he will be direct promoted to our Clan Member *****

SWORDMASTER[~Clan Leader~]
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Joining Procedure
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